Author´s Postscript

The reader will find objects and ideas in this book that sound at first to be found only in the annals of Fantasy. However, all the concepts are in fact based on everything that is or nearly possible at present; by taking the laws of Physics, the laws of Nature and general scientific principles, particularly Evolution, to their outer limits. There are also matters of the Occult, which as the reader becomes more aware, can experience for himself. The Paranormal may not be immediately explainable, but I feel confident that in the future, man will find the answers found in new scientific research that will finally explain the hitherto inexplicable.

A potent life force or ‘Gallael’ surrounds each one of us, as well as every other living entity on Planet Earth. I believe the answers will one day be found in the areas of Organic Micro-Electronics and Magnetic Fields and their interaction, as in present cancer research.

The keys to real Magic are only just around the corner. They will certainly be revealed during the third Millennium. One only has to look back on the rate of progress over the previous Millennia and the quickening pace of the last half century; particularly in technology and communications, which have fostered better democratic principles and the establishment of basic human rights charters.

Couple this together with moving forward with Love, Courage and Compassion and all the Truths will be revealed. Humanity is beginning to ask the right questions in the right way, moving to a better future for us all. Are you taking your full part in this evolution? Are you asking the right questions in the right way? Are you developing to your fullest potential in the areas of Love, Courage and Compassion? Are you receiving the Truths?

This book will point the way for you and those about whom you care.

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