Royal Stones of Sorcery

A Fantasy based on reality set in an explorable area of West Wales!

Royal Stones of Sorcery  is a series of 5 books, chronicling the epic adventures of the Tylwyth Teg, set within their ancient ‘Triad Kingdom’ situated in West Wales, beginning in the year 1303. The tale itself is about the struggles between the forces of light represented by the Efengyl Knights, in their quest to find the Royal Stones of the lost Crown of Golau, and the Dark Lord Pruddydrwgnêr. Only when the Crown is complete can the true king be known and the Royal Race of the Brenhindod be re-established to fight the evil forces of the Dark Lord in his underworld of Annwn Uffern on equal terms … only then. …

The adventure is made unique in that all the characters are but a few inches high and the area in which their dangerous Quest takes place is totally real. The author has used present day marked footpaths and many of the local historical monuments and features of interest. The narrative explores the ecology of the differing environments the Questors pass through, that range from high mountain moorland to river and woodland scenery; from river estuary marshlands, sand-dunes and sandy beach to sheer rocky cliffs and finally to the sea! All the action takes place within only a 4 mile radius of the author’s former castle home overlooking this extraordinary stretch of Welsh coastline!

The books are further made exceptional by the amount of ‘living magic,’ obscure ‘laws of nature’ and hitherto ‘unexplained phenomena’ that is woven into the tale. The author has made available many of the ‘secrets’ and ‘revelations’ she has come across in her extraordinary life that she feels are valuable knowledge for today’s discerning person, as we move into the Third Millennium.

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